The Right Ski

There are many different brands of skis out on the market right now not including the probable hundreds of handmade skis made in some dudes garage in Edmonton or the Colorado mountains. So of course, out there in the many thousands of models skis there will be one pair for you, one that will be perfect for your most ridden ski hill as well as your skiing level. To get this out of the way for those who need a more specialized ski or instance racers, ski tourers and those who only ski the park some of this may apply to you and some will not, just so you know.

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GORE-TEX, what is it?

When looking around our store you may notice the many jackets or snow pants with fancy diamond shaped tags with the gold ‘GORE-TEX’ embossed on them. Now you say to yourself, “why in the world should this jacket cost me so much more than any others?” Well if you clicked on this post you’re curious for that very reason, so…

…GORE-TEX, why do you want it?

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