When skiing or snowboarding in the early season there can be some tricky situations you might get into. Depending on what you are skiing or snowboarding on whether it may be riding on groomed runs or in the backcountry there are dangers. Skiing or Snowboarding on groomed runs early in the season isn’t as bad because underneath that fresh snow or sometimes even artificial snow like at a hill near Edmonton like rabbit hill or snow valley, also in red deer at the Canyon Ski Area, your mostly riding on grass or dirt. Even at mountain resorts like Marmot Basin in Jasper Alberta, they make there own snow early in the season just to get the hill open for the many people who just love to ski those people go through summer getting in shape just for ski season. Those places aren’t so hard on your skis but riding at bigger resorts like Sunshine or Lake Louise there may be big rocks or boulders that will tear gashes through base of your skis or snowboard that you will have to take to a shop such as Sundance to get them to fix the gashes or possible holes that may happen.

Skiing in the early season getting gashes in the base of your skis is very common it may be frustrating but it can be fixed.

I had a personal experience with this when I went the week after the resort opened granted there was a pretty good amount of snow. But on some runs more than none there will be bare rocks or boulders and sometimes they might be hard to avoid and you’ll ride right over them. Skiing later in the season there may be several metres of snow covering up these big boulders and rocks but early in the season where there may be a metre or sometimes even less it can be soft powder snow that will be appealing to ride in but that snow will weigh your skis down and you have the potentials of hitting a rock or boulder that is under that snow sending your body flying and possibly getting hurt. Even skiing for years and being an experienced skier can’t prepare you for those moments. There are ways to protect yourself from these dangers that occur some of them may include not going beyond your ability, and wearing helmet that is probably the most important.

Some tips to having an awesome time skiing early in the year. Dressing appropriately is also a key factor in early season skiing. Just because its sunny and warm at the village or at the bottom of the mountain it doesn’t mean its not storming and snowing at the top and where you will do your most of you skiing. When you aren’t sure on what to wear layering up with your regular skiing clothes is never a bad idea you can rent a locker and store your extra clothing in there if you get to warm and sweaty. Know when to stop riding the resorts are open for a long time and those early days are mostly used to get in skiing shape and knowing when to stop when your getting tired is key because thats when injuries are most likely to occur you can get lazy and stop paying attention to whats in front of you. So if you get tired theres no need to keep pushing yourself its a long season and there will be plenty more days to be on the hill. Also you can resist the urge to use those brand new skis you just bought. If you have ones from your previous years you might want to use those so that you don’t run over any bare rocks or debris that may be there from the summer. So then you don’t have to take those new skis in to get tuned the day after you had a great time. You might also want to get out there and get in better shape work your legs out because skiing and snowboarding are a lower body dominant sport. You can go to the gym and just make your legs stronger.

Last but not least be ready to get out there and have some fun!