Helmets. The once “nerdy” and “uncool” thing to wear on your head, has made a massive rise in popularity over the years. Take a look around the next time you’re in the mountains, and you’ll find that a vast majority of skiers and snowboarders are actually donning a proper ski helmet. Most people have now come to terms with the fact that wearing a helmet isn’t so bad, in fact, it’s actually pretty cool!

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The Dangers of Early Season Skiing

When skiing or snowboarding in the early season there can be some tricky situations you might get into. Depending on what you are skiing or snowboarding on whether it may be riding on groomed runs or in the backcountry there are dangers. Skiing or Snowboarding on groomed runs early in the season isn’t as bad because underneath that fresh snow or sometimes even artificial snow like at a hill near Edmonton like rabbit hill or snow valley, also in red deer at the Canyon Ski Area, your mostly riding on grass or dirt. Even at mountain resorts like Marmot Basin in Jasper Alberta, they make there own snow early in the season just to get the hill open for the many people who just love to ski those people go through summer getting in shape just for ski season. Those places aren’t so hard on your skis but riding at bigger resorts like Sunshine or Lake Louise there may be big rocks or boulders that will tear gashes through base of your skis or snowboard that you will have to take to a shop such as Sundance to get them to fix the gashes or possible holes that may happen.

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Dynafit Radical FT 2.0 Review

Last season I had the luxury to ride Dynafits redesigned daily driver binding the Radical FT 2.0. This review will discuss the details of what sets this binding apart.

The binding functions like any other frameless binding on the market. The pin closes on the toe and then the heel is pressed onto the pins. The heelpiece rotates to allow a free heel for touring action. The toe has three settings, locked for touring mode, ski mode and open mode. These functions are inline with all tech bindings on the market.

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Black Diamond Evac 7 Shovel Review

I am a big fan of shovels that convert to hoes and I think BD has come up with a winner here.

I asked for some feedback on the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides informalex and got lots of positive responses from people who had used them HARD and from some people who were just familiar with them. Everyone who had used them HARD agreed that it was a solid, efficient tool.

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How to Make the Best Snowboard/Ski Playlist

There’s a certain time of year where the days get shorter, nights get colder, the
leaves change colour, and you find yourself fantasizing about the upcoming
snowboard/ski season. Although you know that the countless snowboard and skiing
movies and the endless news of snowfall in the mountains will only make the wait more
painful, you still somehow manage to play last year’s playlist over and over until the
anticipation is more than you can bear.

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Learning to Ski over 50

I was 55 when I learned to ski. Why would I learn a new sport at such an age? My husband is a self proclaimed ski bum, worked in the ski industry for over 30 years and an avid backcountry skier. We both got tired of leaving me at home or in a hotel room, and my husband just wanted me to come along with him. So, one fateful winter, I decided to learn to ski with the idea that I would venture into the backcountry with him when I got comfortable on the boards.
That was four winters ago and I have learned to ski and hellied into backcountry lodges. I would like to share some thoughts on gear, instruction, practice, peer skiers and patience when learning to ski over 50.

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GORE-TEX, what is it?

When looking around our store you may notice the many jackets or snow pants with fancy diamond shaped tags with the gold ‘GORE-TEX’ embossed on them. Now you say to yourself, “why in the world should this jacket cost me so much more than any others?” Well if you clicked on this post you’re curious for that very reason, so…

…GORE-TEX, why do you want it?

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