There’s a certain time of year where the days get shorter, nights get colder, the
leaves change colour, and you find yourself fantasizing about the upcoming
snowboard/ski season. Although you know that the countless snowboard and skiing
movies and the endless news of snowfall in the mountains will only make the wait more
painful, you still somehow manage to play last year’s playlist over and over until the
anticipation is more than you can bear.

Now, there are three things could potentially happen when listening to your old
favourites. One, your music is mostly good but may need a little–or a lot of–TLC. Two,
you realize your old-self had terrible taste and you need to start over from scratch. Or
three, you don’t have a playlist yet and you have no idea where to start. When creating
your new and improved playlist for the upcoming season, consider the following: what
kind of music you like, how you want to feel, how fast you like to go, and what your
riding style is.

All of these factors and more will determine what music will best suit you on the
slopes. Ask yourself what type of music do you like: are you into pop, rap, metal,
classical, or something else? You need to listen to something that you like which will
keep you pumped as you’re going down the hill. If you are into slower and sadder music
that’s completely fine, but remember that you want something that will keep you
energized and excited throughout the day, meaning that a tear-jerking song might not
be the best option.

Another thing to consider would be what you are actually doing on the hill. Are
you a park rat or are you in the trees searching for the perfect powder stash, or maybe
you like to hike off the resort and live on the edge. When skiing/boarding you want to
amplify every emotion being felt, so deciding on your music make sure that your playlist
just makes your day more enjoyable. Keep in mind that taking music from your favorite
ski/snowboard movies is an awesome way to retrigger those emotions experienced
while viewing the film. Most of these songs are high energy and are paired with an
unforgettable scene that you can never forget, which usually gets you pretty stoked.

Maybe after reading all of this and countless attempts to match your music to
your riding style, you find yourself satisfied with the sound of nature. The wind rushing
past your ears, your edges biting into the snow, the sound of your skis sliding on a box
or a rail, or the sound of your snowboard when it stomps the landing. At the end of the
day, whether you listen to music or not just make sure you’re enjoying life’s simple
pleasures, or riding down a mountain on a piece of wood.