Maintaining Your Equipment

The maintenance of your skis and boards is the difference between an epic, long-awaited dream, or a long painful story from grandma. If riding slow and steady is your thing then this blog is not for you. For the speed racers, powder kings, and curving masters, harmonizing and tuning your skis/board is of the utmost importance. Maintaining your gear regularly will help sustain your skis/board which can grant more longevity, reliability, and safety to the equipment when in use. Everyone loves that feeling of luxury and reverence of buying the gear of the year and tuning those skis and boards is a great way to maintain their optimum condition. Now, whatever ski/board you like to ride is completely up to you, I don’t know what you like, but what remains constant are the fixed parts of the ski/board that can be adjusted; the binding, edges, and the base – all can be changed for a better more enjoyable riding experience.

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