Most people buy a jacket for warmth, while some people buy it for purpose. Both of these reasons are exactly why I chose to buy my Arc’teryx Atom LT jacket. It is not only practical, but it boasts comfort and style. The Atom LT consists of a moisture-resistant outer face fabric, which is not only breathable, but insulated and lightweight. Weighing in at a low 330 g/ 11.6 oz., this mid layer is easily compressible and packable. Whether you are skiing, climbing or using it as an everyday jacket. The Atom Lt is the jacket of choice for any outdoor adventure.

In the summer of 2013, I ventured on the trip of a life time around Europe. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ski the Swiss Alps. I brought along my Atom LT; it was the obvious choice as it had performed well previously in many different circumstances. Day one was your typical summer Swiss ski conditions, not quite warm enough to be in a t-shirt, but cold enough to still need some form of a layer. Sounds to me like perfect weather for an Atom LT.

The Atom LT consists of Polartec® technology, which consists of a four way stretch fabric, which allowed me to have movement while touring up the mountain. In addition, its breathability kept me at the right temperature. The Atom LT has an insulation referred to as Coreloft, which is a material made with “highly crimped multi-denier siliconized polyester yarn” (quoted from Arc’teryx in the materials and care section), which allows it to perform the highest standard of excellence. In other words, it has excellent quality insulation.

Aside from the jacket composition itself, there are many other factors that make it one of the most versatile jackets around. Qualities like the fit of the jacket, its multitude of zippered pockets, and its ability to be worn year-round are definitely why it is my go to midlayer jacket. It targets all of the necessities that I look for in a jacket. The jacket also features stretch side panels, which allows for maximum comfort while using it for many different activities. This was especially important for me, as I usually find jackets pull in that specific area, if you are wearing a pack. Another unique feature of the Atom LT is the hood; it is called a ScubaHood, which is a fully insulated adjustable hood, with helmet fitting capabilities. For someone like myself who was blessed with a head the size of a melon, I was already blown away by the fact that I could fit a hood over my helmet. Let alone, have the ability to synch the hood, if needed. One last feature that I admire about this all-around jacket is the sleeves. The Atom LT has sleeves with a stretch-knit cuff allowing for a slim fit around the cuff, without having a Velcro piece to adjust the fit.

Overall, the Atom LT has exceeded my expectations. Let it be apart of your next adventure.