The Right Ski

The right ski can be the difference between a great day on the snow and a very uncomfortable experience.  Many people believe the more expensive a ski; the more fun it will be. In some cases, this can be true. However, in most cases this is pure fiction. Most skiers do not need the most expensive ski; but rather a ski that has been designed to ski like the skier.  A skier new to skiing would most likely have a terrible experience if they are put on a ski that is too aggressive for them, and an expert skier would likely not have as much fun if they are on a ski not aggressive enough for them.  Also, there is no such thing as a ski that will perfectly handle every type of skiing. A carving ski will be more difficult to use in powder, and a powder ski will have less control on the groomed runs. Every ski has its trade offs based on its shape, width, and internal construction. 

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March Cat Ski Trips

Good times and high 5’s all around! Join us for an amazing day with Cariboo Snowcat Skiing in Valemount BC this March. We have 2 trips on offer for 2019. A One Day excursion or a 2 Day Trip for the ultimate experience.

Rate includes Cat skiing, beacon, probe, shovel (use), and some amazing memories! These trips are unforgettable and fill up fast. 

1 Day Trip

March 6, 2019 – $449.99

2 Day Trip

March 5 – 6, 2019 – $899.99

Goggles: Essential Gear

Goggles are essential gear providing eye protection from sun, wind, cold and debris. Goggles provide better all-round protection than sunglasses. Sun glasses are not designed for the active sports of skiing and snowboarding. Goggles will reduce glare, increase contrast by filtering the incoming light, provide warmth and stay on better than sun glasses.

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Injuries are a tough obstacle in the world of sports. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, we all face this challenge. Whether we receive a minor injury or a serious injury, there is a healing period, and during that period we must take a break from the sports that we love.

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Why I ride

Freedom. Not just the work to get paid kind of freedom. The feeling of weightlessness on top of the world. That unrelenting bliss, and black hole kind of silence. Why else would anyone expose themselves to bitter cold, and outrageous terrain?

My name is Jon. I’ve been snowboarding for roughly 24 years, and I am still in love with the thrill. I still remember the first time I went snowboarding. My parents had bought me a Lamar board, Ride bindings, and some kind of no-name brand boots for Christmas, and even to this day, they were the best gifts I ever got. I didn’t realize it at the time, but they had gotten me the gift of freedom. It only got better when they announced we would be going to Panorama for the week following that Christmas.

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I am not a Skier, I am a Ski Racer.

I am not a Skier, I am a Ski Racer.

Masters Ski racer, that is.

Have you been skiing all your life, but never thought of and or heard of Masters Ski racing? Are you an adult new to the sport and looking to improve your skiing? I hadn’t given much thought to ski racing until this year, but now I think I want that challenge. I have been skiing since age 10 except for a 13 year break when life got in the way, but I have never done any sort of racing. I want to challenge myself to become a better and more efficient skier this year. I will try to do this by joining the Masters Ski racing program at Snow Valley.

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Maintaining Your Equipment

The maintenance of your skis and boards is the difference between an epic, long-awaited dream, or a long painful story from grandma. If riding slow and steady is your thing then this blog is not for you. For the speed racers, powder kings, and curving masters, harmonizing and tuning your skis/board is of the utmost importance. Maintaining your gear regularly will help sustain your skis/board which can grant more longevity, reliability, and safety to the equipment when in use. Everyone loves that feeling of luxury and reverence of buying the gear of the year and tuning those skis and boards is a great way to maintain their optimum condition. Now, whatever ski/board you like to ride is completely up to you, I don’t know what you like, but what remains constant are the fixed parts of the ski/board that can be adjusted; the binding, edges, and the base – all can be changed for a better more enjoyable riding experience.

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