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Maintaining Your Equipment

The maintenance of your skis and boards is the difference between an epic, long-awaited dream, or a long painful story from grandma. If riding slow and steady is your thing then this blog is not for you. For the speed racers, powder kings, and curving masters, harmonizing and tuning your skis/board is of the utmost importance. Maintaining your gear regularly will help sustain your skis/board which can grant more longevity, reliability, and safety to the equipment when in use. Everyone loves that feeling of luxury and reverence of buying the gear of the year and tuning those skis and boards is a great way to maintain their optimum condition. Now, whatever ski/board you like to ride is completely up to you, I don’t know what you like, but what remains constant are the fixed parts of the ski/board that can be adjusted; the binding, edges, and the base – all can be changed for a better more enjoyable riding experience.

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Why Customer Service is important to a Business

Customer service is important to an organization because it is often the only contact a customer has with a company. Customers are vital to an organization. Some customers spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year with a company. Consequently, when they have a question or product issue, they expect a company’s customer service department to resolve their issues.

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Mitts vs. Gloves

As long as I have been riding I have always heard the debate between glove wearers and mitt wears. They are always trying to tell you one is better than the other. I am going to try and shed some light one this debate and see if I can come up with a winner. When it comes to choosing gloves or mitts you must ask yourself a few questions:

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Warm Feet Equal Happy Feet

This may sound like a title of a cheesy pop song, but it is one of the most important things to enjoying your ski day. When I got back into skiing a few years ago, I, like most people, wondered about keeping my hands and feet warm. Having cold hands or feet is a big factor in people not even trying skiing or giving up skiing after 1 day, but with the help of boot warming technology, we can overcome this problem.

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The Right Ski

There are many different brands of skis out on the market right now not including the probable hundreds of handmade skis made in some dudes garage in Edmonton or the Colorado mountains. So of course, out there in the many thousands of models skis there will be one pair for you, one that will be perfect for your most ridden ski hill as well as your skiing level. To get this out of the way for those who need a more specialized ski or instance racers, ski tourers and those who only ski the park some of this may apply to you and some will not, just so you know.

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Such Moisture Much Sunscreen

Are your lips dryer than the Sahara desert? Are they parched and lacking the moisture they deserve? Do you experience windburn while you’re on the slopes snowboarding or skiing?  If you answered yes to all of these, well say no more – your prayers have been answered!

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Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody

Most people buy a jacket for warmth, while some people buy it for purpose. Both of these reasons are exactly why I chose to buy my Arc’teryx Atom LT jacket. It is not only practical, but it boasts comfort and style. The Atom LT consists of a moisture-resistant outer face fabric, which is not only breathable, but insulated and lightweight. Weighing in at a low 330 g/ 11.6 oz., this mid layer is easily compressible and packable. Whether you are skiing, climbing or using it as an everyday jacket. The Atom Lt is the jacket of choice for any outdoor adventure.

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